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Authorities on standards.

Who decides on what?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the authorities, so I decided to make an overview. Mostly for my own sake, but why not share it? This is a very short list for now, as these are only the standards i am working with right now. My intention is to make this a living document so I will update this whenever i come across a new authority or standard, or when something changes.

Authority name Standard(s)
WHATWG HTML living standard (previously known as HTML5), DOM, Fetch
BIPM hyperfine transition frequency of Cs, speed of light in vacuum, Planck constant, elementary charge, Boltzmann constant, Avogadro constant, luminous efficacy and derivatives hertz(Hz), joule(J), coulomb(C), lumen(lm), watt(W), second(s), metre(m), kilogram(kg), ampere(A), kelvin(K), mole(mol), candela(cd) YAML spec
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