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Fibrous microplastic particles in prawn crackers

And why I haven't written a lot on here in the last month.

Even though I had the intention to write more here this year, I haven’t done that so far because i was busy researching microplastics in prawn crackers and writing up the paper. It’s finally done though, you can read it on github or download it directly as a pdf.

It was fun to finally put my microscope to good use. Collecting all the necessary equipment like a vacuum attachment and glassware was really fun as well, although the entire project got a little more expensive than I hoped for. Part of the reason I decided to look into prawn crackers was because of how cheap I thought I could run the project, but the surprises like 60 euro filter paper and a really expensive vacuum erlenmeyer were not expected.

This is not the last of me experimenting with microplastics though. A really interesting technique of staining plastics with fluorescent Nile Red is something I definitely want to look into, but that involves some new UV equipment and light filters. I will keep you guys updated about the progress! As I live very close to the beach, I am also designing a long term study into the presence of microplastics on the shore. I will start working on that when i have the UV staining set up!

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